18 August, 2016

Singular and emblematic building -Properties

We have the following types of singular building and properties for your real estate investment:

Contact us for the acquisition or sale of singular building (unique properties). We maintain strict confidentiality of the information about the properties we manage.

singular building

Kind of singular building we have:

  • INDUSTRIAL AND LOGISTICS PLANTS: Industrial and Commercial units, Warehouses, Distribution Centres and Service Stations.
  • UNIQUE BUILDINGS: Buildings in prime zones, empty or with tenants buildings, with profitability or to renovate buildings, ground-floorlocations, offices, corporative buildings or for buying and selling ones.
  • SHOPPING MALLS: Business parks, multi-shops and othersareas.
  • HOTELS AND RESORTS: Either located in a city or coast, for buying and selling.
  • TOURIST COMPLEX: Either located in a coast, in country side or in a city.
  • PLOT FOR CONSTRUCTION:  For residential, industrial, tertiary-use or other urban development.
  • RURAL ESTATE.singular building
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