18 August, 2016

Singular building – Services


  • The purchase or sale of unique properties requires specialized communication actions focused on specific market segments. Market sectors with high purchasing power and investment funds.
  • We offer owners of large estates and real estate assets a totally personalized service to identify interesting properties for their acquisition.
  • We help our investors to identify unique properties that meet their expectations and demands, and we also process and manage the necessary queries with the administration.
  • In the case of unique property owners, we help them find the right buyer. We contact interested buyers directly and always maintaining strict confidentiality control.

These are some of the steps and services we carry out for the purchase and sale of singular properties:

TECHNICAL ADVICE Real Estate services
TECHNICAL ADVICE – We can help you in managing and developing your project from beginning to end.
COMMERCIAL Real Estate services
COMMERCIAL FILTER – We select properties that meet the specifications of our customers among those in the market.
servicios inmobiliarios
DOSSIER PREPARATION – Preparation of a real estate dossier for presentation to interested buyers.
ARBITRAGE Real Estate services
ARBITRAGE – We participate in negotiations between buyer and seller in order to obtain the agreement between the parties.
PROCESSING Real Estate services
PROCESSING – We carry out the necessary procedures at the request of our clients.
INSTITUCIONAL ADVICE – We make the necessary arrangements in the corresponding administrations.
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